Miscellaneous Messages Short Text Messages. ( 75 )

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65. The word HELLO means: H=How are you? E=Evrything alright? L=Like 2 hear from you! L=Love 2 see you soon O=Obviously I miss you..SO, HELLO
66. Theres an urgent meeting in the jungle! Everyones there.. lions, tigers, cheetas and ape, but the meetin cant start because the monkey is reading this text
67. Umm...your .... ZIP is open...
68. Wanna get stoned? Drink wet cement!
69. We do have to go to school ... Have to is force ... Forcing is slavery .... Slavery is forbidden ... SO ... we do not have to go to school!
70. We used to listen to the Doors, now we have Windows.
71. What do I miss about my wife? Her absence.
72. When my father broke in to my mother I had to sit there for months!
73. why do i text u? its my choice its my way of sayin dat i remembr u. why do i remembr u? il neva know its not my choice its my hearts.
74. Women are like hurricanes! When they come they are wet and heavy. When they leave they take your home and your car ! !
75. You need 60 muscles to be angry and 20 to smile why would you make things difficult?

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