Flirt Messages Short Text Messages. ( 87 )

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65. Never make love in the garden or in the fields...... For love might be blind but your neighbours not!
66. Of all the babes ur my selection.please dont giv me a teeth are clean for ur Inspection so giv my mouth a tongue injection!
67. Oh right then! Straight to the point! I want you right here, right now!
68. Passion running trough my veins, trembling, waiting, reason is fading. Overpowering desire sets my skin on fire!
69. Since I met you people are wonders and live is a big party...
70. Sometimes words are hard to find, to form that perfect line to let you know you're always on my mind!
71. Somewhere, someone dreams of your smile and finds your presence in life so worth while. So when you are lonely, remember it's true that someone, somewhere, is thinking of you.
72. The less you open up to others, the more you will suffer.
73. The moment I first saw you, you warmed my heart, the second time you made little flames and now you make my heart burn like hell !
74. There are so many people in the world but in my world there's only one and that's you!!!
75. There is a clown in my heart. Small and very special, he can dance and jump, laugh and sing ... are you sad and crying, you can borrow him.
76. What ever you say, what ever you do, I will always love you
77. What is live ? Live is love. Whats love ? Love is kissing. Whats kissing ? Come here and I show you.
78. When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don't wonder why,just make a wish. Trust me it will come true,'cause I did it and I found you.
79. Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself, because I like you, you're my friend!!!
80. Where ever you're going, I'm going your way !

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